Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I hate when great couples split

They seemed like they were so great together! With the four kids and renewal of wedding vows every year on their anniversary and all... damn. This was one of those couples that I looked up to and made me trust that love lasts! Sniff sniff.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Get drunk faster

How 'clever' are these glasses? They are meant to help you get drunk faster, because you can't set the glass down at all without spilling - thus making you more inclined to down your drink faster then you normally would!

As it says on the site, these glasses are perfect for first dates, second dates and break ups - basically all the times when it's good to get drunk quickly!!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it's 2012 already! Where has the time gone... it's only days away from being exactly two years ago that I left for Denmark - that's such a strange and nostalgic thought. Sniff sniff. :)

We spent christmas eve and day with my family (considering Lasse's are on the opposite side of the world!), though we had a xmas morning Skype session with them, where we opened all the lovely presents they sent to us, and then they opened their presents. Almost like we were there - I love Skype!

New Years Eve was spent at Brazilian joint called 'Copacabana International' in Fitzroy with the fam, with Lasse and his mate Klaus in tow - he came all the way from Denmark to visit, and I'm so glad for Lasse that he has one his close friends for the next few weeks!

On the 2nd we drove up to a friends holiday house in Bright, which was just heaven. Next door to their beautiful holiday house was a little cottage they'd also just built, which was to die for! We had a lot of fun making good use of the swimming pool, awesome weather and the great sites to visit - Mt Buffalo, Red Stag Deer Farm, and the Boyton Winery just to name a few. Highly recommended! A few pics below, enjoy..



Friday, December 30, 2011

Life Lesson

Never underestimate how awkward watching Risky Business with: anyone! is/can/always will be.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Little thing like this always brighten up my day! Even after a day spent (wasted?) at the Boxing Day 'sales' in the city... I must have unrealistic expectations, as I was bitterly disappointed at the lack of good clothing for under $70. On sale?! I think not. I'm going to stop ranting now and take another look at the pic

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas / Gl├Ždelig Jul!!

All the gifts have been bought, wrapped and are now waiting to be opened early tomorrow morning! We will be celebrating in 30 degree heat this year, which is a change from the minus degree weather we had last year (and in Lasse's case, every other year!!). We will open the presents from Lasse's family in the morning while we Skype with them, then go to my family's place where we will give our gifts and open even more pressies... exciting! I hope everyone likes what we got them :) especially since it's me who chose all the gifts! By the way, do you like my wrapping? I couldn't find any nice paper in the shopping centre, so fell back on these that I already had, and bought a few sheets of gold glittered foam, which I cut out and used to decorate. Easy and cute!

Hope you have a great Christmas and a happy new year! xx

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's starting to look (a bit) like Christmas...

 How cute are these little 'kravle nisse' (crawling elves)?? We FINALLY got the package Lasse's family sent over a month ago, which was full of goodies- a package advent calendar, one for each day (and since we got it on the 18th this month, we got to open all eighteen at once! Win). We also got a lot of lovely looking chrissy pressies, which are sitting very cosily under our little tree (which was looking very lonely before!). Hope you are all getting in the christmas spirit too!!

Monday, December 19, 2011


And so another lovely trip is over.. we're back home after having spent four great nights in Surfers Paradise, where we enjoyed our unexpected accommodations view (will get back to that), overcast weather and a few trips to various theme parks. In all seriousness, we did have a good time, but we could have had a better time weather wise. If we had clear blue-skies and zero wind, it honestly all would have been perfecto.

Aaand we probably wouldn't be sitting at home on our couch right now, afraid to touch each other because of our awful sunburn. But wasn't the weather shitty, I head you say? Well, it was, all but for one day - our last day there. So being desperate and deprived of the golden warmth of sunshine the former three days, we rushed to the beach and laid on the sand like two turtles. Half-sleeping. BAD idea....

Two hours later, we decide to walk back to our 'hotel' and get ready to go out for some drinks. As I looked in the mirror I didn't know whether I should laugh or cry! My whole backside, literally 50 % of my body, was a searing lobster red. At that point there was no pain, and naively I thought it possibly won't come (haven't really sunburnt before). Boy was I wrong! I couldn't move by the evening. Barely walk. We had planned to go out for a fancy dinner our last night there, but alas, it was not to be. Instead, I lay in the hotel bed feeling nauseas from the pain, whilst I sent Lasse out to hunt for some nurofen, aloe vera gel and fast food. He did one better and came back with ice tea! 

Somehow, miraculously, I/we made it home despite our first degree burns. And the pain is slowly subsiding, and we are awaiting peeling skin and possibly blisters. Will update!

Monday, December 12, 2011

UNT Skincare : Update

It's been a long enough time now since I started using my UNT products to be able to make a mini-review. I've been quite disciplined and committed to using the products morning and night, everyday (minus one or two big nights out.... bad I know!), which is a change for me as I can get a bit lazy (big surprise)...

I followed the same routine for morning and night, because I don't really see the point in having a different regime to use in the day and evening (possibly branching from laziness). This is it:

  • Cleanse with the Mousse Nettoyante
  • Toner on cheeks
  • Pore Refiner Plus on nose
  • Finacea gel (not from UNT) on forehead 
  • Derma Oasis moisturiser on cheeks
You may be wondering why I apply certain products to specific, isolate parts of my face... It's because I have some areas which are more sensitive, and others which are not at all. And I'm too scared to put layers of products all over my face, and create a build-up in the more sensitive areas which will just make me break out (which I'm sure of!).

Such an area is my forehead. Throughout puberty, my skin wasn't too bad; I never would classify as someone who had acne and wasn't bothered much with it. Last year it was perfect, and I found my exclaiming how good it was to be over 'bad skin' age.... And obviously a month after that little tiny colourless bumps started popping up all over my forehead, for no obvious reason. It was traumatic! They weren't red, inflamed and gooey, just these tiny little bumps... but there were so many. I started feeling self conscious about my skin and face, almost overnight - literally. I still try to rack my head for reasons, but the probable one is that I started drinking a lot more then I normally did before - at least once a week, at least a couple of beers, glasses (or bottles) of wine and assorted spirits. Not that I was an alcoholic... I was just living in Denmark :) So just your average level of alcohol consumption!

I spoke to some of my friends about the issue (although I'm sure they noticed it themselves... ahem, staring at forehead whilst conversing!), and my friend Louise was able to help me out... she said she went through the same thing when she started drinking, and that I should go to the doctor and get a cream subscribed.

Instead, I used my older host-brothers old prescription on my host mums advice, as he had acne when he was younger. So I tried it, full of excitement and hope that this heavy white cream would restore the smooth, velvety texture of my forehead..... before my birthday which was only a week away, for added pressure..... Of course it didn't work. I think it made it WORSE. I had to wear my fringe out to hide it during my party, which made me feel really self-conscious.

Then I tried another cream; Finacea. I found it in the bottom draw of my host-parents upstairs bathroom (i.e. the kids bathroom... i.e. my bathroom, as I was only 'child' inhabiting house at current time). It was almost empty and close to expiry date, obviously used by someone before. So I tried it (that desperate I was). And it WORKED! After a few short weeks, mind you. So recently, when my forehead started playing up again, it was the first thing I went out and got (and you don't need a prescription for it here!).

Thus, the reason I do not apply assorted products to forehead. Not until the Finacea (hopefully) clears it up, at least - which is proving more of a struggle this time around, though it's nowhere near as 'bad' as it was last year. This time I can safely assume the reason is hormonal, as I have both implanon stuck in my arm and am on the pill to control effects of implanon. FUN.

But back to review.

  • Cleanser: GOOD. Isn't make my skin any worse, I don't think I'd be lying if I said it's making it better. Removes makeup well (even eye make up, just make sure you don't get it in your eye..). Good consistency, nice texture and the smell is pleasant enough. Comes of cleanly.
  • Toner: GOOD. My cheeks feel very subtle, and the very slight redness I have under the apple of my right cheek seems less apparent (this being one of the things only I could notice). Pleasant scent, and very nice moisturising feel when applying to face (cheeks!).
  • Pore Refiner Plus: ALSO GOOD. I still have blackheads on my nose, but I don't think that a serum can magically take them away... otherwise texture fees a lot smoother, and pores themselves seem smaller. Only con would be that the dispenser is impractical- it literally SHOOTS out way too much serum at a time, which I think's strange as i can't imagine the need for someone to use the products all over their face (maybe I'm wrong).
  • Derma Oasis (Moisturiser): GOOD. I only apply this to my cheeks which seem to be 'un-blemishable' (i'm sure I'll wake up with acne tomorrow) so I find it somewhat difficult to make a constructive review... It seems to moisturise well though, and I have noticed that they (cheeks) do feel even velvetier (sp?) then usual. Nice gel texture.
So there you have it! Hope I made some sense and the review is somewhat helpful.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Project decorate: take 1

Do you like? I was shopping with my sister and we stopped in Typo (this really cute stationary store) and I saw these canvas letters and knew I had to have them somewhere the apartment! First dilemma was which letters would I buy?? I've outgrown the need to spell my own name and stick it on my bedroom wall for one thing... so I got this idea! And I thought it was cool :) maybe a bit corny but i don't care, I think it looks awesome if I may say so myself!!

Dilemma number two was where we'd mount them. Above our little bookcases, or above the sofa? At first I was adamant about having them above the bookcase, but then Lasse said he thought they'd look good above the sofa, and so we went for that as I'm a very compromising/ caring roomie that way. :)..

Dilemma number three? How we'd mount them!! We can't nail the walls, so I thought we'd use adhesive hooks... which would require me buying fishing wire and attaching it to the back of each of the mini canvases and then careful aligning each hook. Lasse then suggested we buy a thin long piece of wood for each row of letters, attached to the back of each, which would require only two hooks per row. So we tried that.... fail!!! The wooden sticks snapped when I stapled them and just made a big mess! Then DUH- it hit me- we could just be those adhesive velcro picture hangers and stick them up. Easy peasy!!

Amaze myself how complicated I can make some thing so simple..... but it's all fine now! yay.

Pretty things

Yesterday was such a lovely day. Had a sleep in and morning cuddles, delicious brekky at Alfa bakehouse, bought some fresh flowers for the living room, followed by the Scandinavian Bazaar in Toorak where we ate Norwegian waffles and bought special xmas things to make this 'jul' a little more Danish. :)

Perfect end to the perfect weekend.


It was AWESOME! They are too good and the show was spectacular, they really know how to rock 'n' roll..... :)

We saw Tenacious D too as they opened for the foo's, and they are great too! LOVE Jack Black... but I didn't realise the Kyle guy is so old?! He hasn't aged well haha.

(pics taken by Richard Lipp for Triple M)

Friday, December 2, 2011


Since we moved into our little apartment a few months ago, we've had hardly anyone over. Apart from family and a few friends. Is that weird? My grandparents haven't been over, nor have my cousins or other friends. My mum brought it up yesterday and said I was being rude not inviting people over.

I don't see it that way though?! We are just really busy and I want people to come over when they want, not when we have to 'plan' it all out like some great event.. This also goes for phone calls. Apparently, my grandma is waiting for me to call her. I've been so busy with uni and work the past few weeks, that even when I mean to ring I honestly forget (shameful I know!). My mum told me my grandma was upset over my lack of communication via the telephone, which to be honest upset ME a bit. I know for a fact she's not doing that much during her days.... why on earth would she sit next to the phone waiting for me to call when she can pick up the phone and dial in mobile number, which she is sure to reach as it's on me always. Does it only count when I call? WEIRD. Annoying. Nonsensical. I told my mum this last time she brought it up (yesterday), and she (assumingly) said 'she doesn't have your number'... uh what? She called me like twice a day while my parents were overseas (I replaced mum), so I know for a fact she most definitely knows my number, if not off by heart!

But back to the point.... I hate people making out stuff like it's all on my shoulders. Why don't my family call and ask when they can come over? If they want to so bad? I'm having some over tonight which should hopefully ease the complaints for the next few weeks. It's not that I don't want to see them, but in a way, having our own place is like just wanting to be away from the outside world, if that makes sense? Not isolated or anything, but like our own little sanctuary with no worries and demands and nagging to do the dishes :).

I'm not sure if what I've written makes much sense, but I needed to get it out!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Lasse got his portrait painted by 'Pricasse' last night at an expo we went to. So funny! And slightly fascinating if I must admit....

Basically, this man will paint a portrait of you with his penis. Lol! Considering it was painted with this special 'brush', I think the Lasse's picture looks pretty good!

Lasse was keen but got slightly embarrassed when about 30 people stopped and gawked (naturally!).

You can visit 'Pricasso's' website: (he had it tattooed on his back so hard to forget!)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our Little Christmas Tree

I bought it yesterday when I was at Target. I didn't plan to buy a tree OR go to Target, but I needed new tyres for my car and the place was conveniently situated across the road. I had an hour to kill so went in there and started trawling around. I actually found a few t-shirts which were quite nice, but I'm on a tight budget (yes, THAT tight) so I just got the tree and a new hair straightener (Remington Pro Slimline Ceramic- only $39! and works really well!).

The reason I have to be so damn cheap is that a) have to pay off Thailand trip b) have to pay my rego next month c) need spending money for our Gold Coast trip next month and now also d) to pay off my new tyres! Not to mention christmas presents! Though I'm relieved Lasse and I have agreed for Gold Coast to be our xmas pressies to one another. :) Little win!

New Pillows

Aren't they cute?? Part of my decorating project - they were $10 each! From a friend who used to own a shop with all sorts of furniture and furnishings, who closed it some time ago but still has some stock leftover. Lucky me!

Monday, November 21, 2011


Here are some pictures of the current state of our flat... It's fine how it is (have seen places with much, much much worse set ups!), but I'd really like to decorate/redecorate these holidays, since I have the time to do it (though will hopefully start working full time soon). The couch and tv area set up is fine in my opinion, it's more the 'office' area that keeps bugging me. The living room is a big rectangle, and it seems a bit cluttered at the moment (again, in my opinion). The big picture hanging above the 'office' is really awkwardly placed, as there was an ugly screw left over in the wall which I can't stand to see and needed to cover. So I want to move the picture, but have no idea what to put in it's place as it too will be awkwardly positioned?! Sure I'll figure something out...

I'm also getting iffy about our arm chair. It's sooo comfy and nice, but it just takes up so much room and looks really huge and clunky. I think I might try and sell it, but I'll have to hear what Lasse says first (he loves it apparently.. though he hardly ever uses it!). 

Definitely need something to hang above the sofa. We can't hang up any shelved anywhere in the flat which is annoying but we can live with it. I don't know whether to give with a large print or a series of six or eight pictures/prints to hang symmetrically above the sofa. 

This is an old IKEA desk and we've been using one of our red dining table chairs. I'd like to buy a new desk, something old which I can do a DIY job on and 'restore'. Think it would be a fun project! Something a bit longer that could fill the space, and with built in drawers (these little ones from IKEA are annoying me too!). I'm looking for something to hang on this wall too, but it's proving difficult because of the awkwardly placed screw that I mentioned above.

Our bedroom isn't worrying me, we got the graphic picture from IKEA and two small floating shelves (shh) so as not to clutter the space.

I'd like to hang some artwork in the kitchen. Some old vintage Italian restaurant posters possibly. I'd love some shelves for more storage (we don't have overhead cupboards. *tear*). Lasse built the shelving compartment next to fridge, which is great! Our bathroom is cute too, not much I can change in there.

I'm collecting inspiration today and will post back for an update soon!